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FNI is an independent foundation engaged in research on international environmental, energy and resource management politics and law.

Fridtjof Nansen InstituteWithin this framework the institute's research is mainly grouped around seven focal points:
   Global environmental governance and law
   Climate change
   Law of the Sea and marine affairs
   Biodiversity and genetic resources
   Arctic and Russian politics
   European energy and environment
   Chinese energy and environment

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FNI publications

Latest books and peer-reviewed articles

Post-CommunistEconomies James Henderson and Arild Moe
Gazprom’s LNG offensive: a demonstration of monopoly strength or impetus for Russian gas sector reform?
Post-Communist Economies, Vol 28, No 3, 2016, pp. 281-299.

Nordisk Østforum Arild Moe and Lars Rowe
Asylstrømmen fra Russland til Norge i 2015: Bevisst russisk politikk?' ('The wave of asylym seekers from Russia to Norway in 2015: A deliberate Russian policy?')
Nordisk Østforum, Vol 30, No 2, 2016, pp. 80-97. In Norwegian.
OGEL James Henderson and Julia S.P. Loe
The Prospects and Challenges for Arctic Oil Development
Oil, Gas & Energy Law (OGEL), Vol 14, No 2, 2016.
Rescuing EU Emissions Trading: The Climate Policy Flagship Jørgen Wettestad and Torbjørg Jevnaker
Rescuing EU Emissions Trading: The Climate Policy Flagship
Basingstoke (UK), Palgrave, 2016, 119 p.
Linking EU Climate and Energy Policies Jon Birger Skjærseth, Per Ove Eikeland, Lars H. Gulbrandsen and Torbjørg Jevnaker
Linking EU Climate and Energy Policies: Decision-making, Implementation and Reform
Cheltenham (UK), Edward Elgar, 2016, 265 p.

Journal of World Intellectual Property G. Kristin Rosendal, Anne Ingeborg Myhr and Morten Walløe Tvedt
Access and Benefit Sharing legislation for marine bioprospecting: Lessons from Australia for the role of Marbank in Norway
Journal of World Intellectual Property Rights, Online 06.06.2016, 13 p. DOI: 10.1111/jwip.12058

Geir Hønneland: Russia and the Arctic: Environment, Identity and Foreign Policy Geir Hønneland
Russia and the Arctic: Environment, Identity and Foreign Policy
London, I.B. Tauris, 2016, 208 p.
Arctic Review on Law and Politics Øystein Jensen
The International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters: Finalization, Adoption and Law of the Sea Implications
Arctic Review on Law and Politics, Vol 7, No 1, 2016, pp. 60-82.

EKO Arild Moe and Lawson Brigham
Kak obespechit' ustoychivost' perevozok po Severnomy morskomu put?' ('How can transports along the Northern Sea Route be made sustainable?')
EKO, No 5, 2016, pp. 18-27. In Russian.

Marine Policy Harald Sakarias Brøvig Hansen
Three major challenges in managing non-native sedentary Barents Sea snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio)
Marine Policy, Vol 71, 2016, pp. 38-43.

Other recent research publications

Korppoo, Anna and Anton Orlov, 'Russia’s Climate Mitigation Policies: How to Get Them Implemented?', Russian Analytical Digest, No 185, 27.06.2016, pp. 5-8.

Jørgensen, Jørgen Holten, 'Den evige utopi? Gruvedrift og nasjonale interesser' ('The eternal Utopia? Mining and national interests in Svalbard'), Ottar, No 310, 2016, pp. 26-31. In Norwegian.

Loe, Julia S.P. and Elana Wilson Rowe, 'Perceptions of Petroleum-Related CSR in the Russian Arctic', Russian Analytical Digest, No 181, 06.04.2016, pp. 8-11.

Ydersbond, Inga Margrete, Where Is Power Really Situated in the EU? Complex Multi-Stakeholder Negotiations and the Climate and Energy 2030 Targets. FNI Report 3/2016. Lysaker, FNI, 2016, 162 p.

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Latest commentary articles

Moe, Arild and Lars Rowe, 'Dette er forklaringen på den plutselige asylstrømmen fra Russland' ('This is the explanation of the sudden wave of asylum seekers across the Russian border'), Aftenposten, 23.06.2016. In Norwegian.

Stensdal, Iselin, 'Kina: Fra bremsekloss til klimapådriver?' ('China and climate: From laggard to front-runner?'). Norsk Klimastiftelse Rapport, No 4 2016, pp. 9-12. In Norwegian.

Eikeland, Per Ove, 'Kullfortellingen som tok en ny retning' ('New Direction in the Tale of Chinese Coal'). Norsk Klimastiftelse Rapport, No 4 2016, pp. 27-32. In Norwegian.

Heggelund, Gørild, 'Etablering av verdens største karbonmarked' ('The establishment of the world's largest carbon market'). Norsk Klimastiftelse Rapport, No 4 2016, pp. 53-57. In Norwegian.

Stensdal, Iselin, 'China’s GHG Mitigation: The Role of Local Governments', China Policy Institute Blog, 16.05.2016.

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 Latest FNI News 

The Anthropocene Working GroupScientists: Yes, the anthropocene is real
 (30.08.2016) Have we really entered a new geological time period, the Anthropocene? A period where the human impact on the earth is, in fact, so massive that it has created a new geological interval of time?  More >

The Anthropocene Working GroupThe Anthropocene Working Group meeting at FNI
 (25.04.2016) From 21 to 24 April, the Fridtjof Nansen Institute hosted a meeting of the Anthropocene Working Group, which considered evidence for a human-driven interval of geological time, the Anthropocene.  More >

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 FNI in the media

'Norjalaistutkijat: Itärajan pakolaiset eivät olleet Venäjän juoni' ('Norwegian researchers: Asylum seekers from the Eastern border were not a Russian plot'), YLE, 30.08.2016. In Finnish.

'Frykter ikke for Svalbardsonen', ('Minister of Fisheries has no fears for the Svalbard Zone'), Fiskeribladet Fiskaren, 28.08.2016.

'Tidligere direktør i det russiske miljøtilsynet innrømmer miljøkorrupsjon' ('Former director of the Russian Environment Agency admits environmental corruption'), NRK Finnmark, 26.08.2016.

'Russia mulls extension of border zone', The Independent Barents Observer, 24.08.2016.

'Russland nekter norsk forskning i Barentshavet' ('Russia refuses Norwegian research in the Barents Sea'), NRK Finnmark, 23.08.2016.

'Brexit kan gi trøbbel i Barentshavet' ('Brexit might cause problems in the Barents Sea'), Fiskeribladet Fiskaren, 22.08.2016. In Norwegian.

'V rossiyskuyu ugrozu verit pochti polovina xhiteley Norvegii' ('Almost half of Norway's population believes in Russian threat'), NEWSru, 02.08.2016. In Russian.

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Fridtjof Nansen Fridtjof Nansen and Polhøgda
 FNI is located at Polhøgda, outside Oslo, Norway. Polhøgda was the home of Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930), famous Norwegian polar explorer, scientist, diplomat, humanist, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Nansen lived at Polhøgda from its completion in 1901 until his death in 1930. His grave is in the garden in front of the manor.

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